Chocolate Pudding Flan


Day 51: Not going to name the cookbook as I don’t want you to hold my results against the cookbook

February 20, 2011

Flan has always been one of those things I have wanted to make, but just never had.  Well on this cookbook adventure I being faced with all sort of opportunities to cook/bake outside of my comfort zone.  So to tackle a flan seemed like a reasonable thing to do.  Well, it my high aspirations did not exactly pay off.  I cooked my caramel to a point that it was too hard and so when we went to invert it….the caramel did not release from the container.  In fact when my son was helping me make another batch of the caramel…..his was so hot it cracked the pan and we had to throw out the pan.

Don’t hold our attempts at making flan against the cookbook as it has many fine recipes…..I am sure that our errors are operator errors.  Because it you remember, I am not a patient cook in the kitchen and I believe that is why I have so many failed attempts at baking. 

The Ruling:  Rich chocolate pudding….almost too rich.  The presentation looked less than appealing on the plate but that didn’t stop us from eating it.  Tasted very rich, but it simply was much too difficult for my home cooking desires.  I am not going to give the recipe as it has so many steps and it would frustrate me all over again if I then had to type all the steps.  For now… will just have to look at the pictures and buy a cook and serve chocolate pudding mix and save yourself the hassle.

I am laughing at the picture below….can you see how I tested to see if it was done?  That would be a fingerprint on the top.

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity

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