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Day 18…..Chocolate American Style

Now this is a cookbook that I could learn to love, “Chocolate American Style“.  It had more than enough choices for us….like Oreo -Crusted Chocolate Mousse Tart or White Chocolate-Pistachio Biscotti.  We settled on Chocolate-Filled Monkey Bread on page 57.  You see, our family likes monkey bread.  I like making easy monkey bread, and let me tell you, this one is not it.  The recipe itself is two pages long….that should have been my first sign.  Second it doesn’t have you proof your yeast, you know put it in warm water.  How is my yeast suppose to activate unless it is warm first?  Third, I had my 17-year-old make it and he promised me that he would type in the recipe for me.

I am simply going to tease you with the pictures and tell you the next time I make monkey bread, it will be my old recipe with canned biscuits.  Feel free to add a piece of good milk chocolate in the inside of each of your monkey bread pieces.  I thought this would be a great thing to make for the family for Valentine’s morning.  Once again, it won’t be this exact recipe, but don’t hold our endeavor against the cookbook.  It tasted lovely, it was just a lot of work.  I know this hasn’t stopped me in the past, but this one I wanted to cut corners….like use canned biscuits.  If you are a homemade bread lover, you will love this recipe in its entirity….but you will have to buy the cookbook to get it.  I am such a tease…..and the 17-year-old didn’t want to type it in, who could blame him.  He said he would type it in if you want him to….so leave me a comment and if we get enough he will add it.

To Joyful, Simplified Living,

MS. Simplicity


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